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My Secret Hideaway.

There is a Special place I know,
a faraway land where no one else goes-
my peaceful retreat within my dreams,
with many beautiful and magical scenes.
Where Unicorns and Dragons rest side by side,
and Fairies flit by as on Pegasus I ride-
I sit bathed in colours at the Rainbow`s end,
and talk to the Leprechaun, my little Irish friend.
Elves ride on Butterflies with Stardust on their wings,
and on warm gentle breezes Heavenly voices do sing-
While Cherub`s little arrows heal broken hearts,
Angels watch over whilst Pixies dance.
I wish I could always and forever stay,
in Enchanted Valley - my secret hideaway.

©Karen Samuel 2002
...This is where I can let my dreams take over and forget my worries for a while...
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©Enchanted Valley 2002
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Meet My Adopted Fantasy Folk

These lovely adoptions are not to be taken from this page.
I have "officially" adopted them for this site from the creators.
Please feel free to click on their logo`s and adopt your own fantasy folk from them... Thanks.
This fabulous black pegasus came from Kuntry Sue,
amazingly the day after my daughter had dreamed of a black pegasus!
Thanks Kuntry Sue :)
This site wouldn`t be complete without it`s very own Guardian Angel!
Thankyou so much Yak for making her :)
This pretty little Friendship Fairy also came from Yak.
Thanks again Yak, she is lovely :)
I am still on the lookout for more lovely fantasy folk to adopt... so keep checking back!
I think I will be needing to make them a page of their own soon (lol).